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原山林场踏上了探索转型之路 荒山秃岭变“金山银山”

发布时间:2018-12-20 17:38
The original mountain is located in Shandong Lushan District. Sixty years ago, it was a rocky desertification desert mountain with a forest coverage of less than 2%. Today, there are nearly 50,000 mu of green forest in front of people, covering 94.4%. In the past 60 years, Yuanshan Forest Farm has undergone tremendous changes from barren mountains and bald mountains to green waters and green mountains to "Jinshan Yinshan".
In 1957, in order to green barren hills, the state set up the original mountain forest farm here. "At that time, there were bare rocks everywhere, lacking soil and water, and watering trees were pulled by horses and carriages from the reservoirs under the mountains, and then picked up by people to the mountains." Speaking of the difficulties of planting trees in the past, Duan Xin'an, a 74-year-old former forest farm worker of the first generation, still has fresh memories. "On rainy days, when people run home, we need to carry bracelets on our left shoulder and seedlings on our right shoulder to run up the hill and dig holes, fill up soil and water in the cracks of stones. Hungry to eat pancakes, thirsty to drink cold water. At that time, the only wish was to plant more trees and make the mountains green earlier! uuuuuuuuuuu
"Platycladus orientalis is particularly drought-tolerant, and its stubborn roots can be deeply embedded in stone cracks in barren soil. Several generations of original mountain foresters, like Oriental arborvitae, acquired very little, but contributed a lot to the mountains. Sun Jianbo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yuanshan Forest Farm, touched a 60-year-old Oriental cypress and told reporters that the water conservation capacity of the forest vegetation in Yuanshan Mountain has increased 40 times than that 60 years ago, and has become a green reservoir and forest oxygen bar.
Forestry, Forest Farm, Yuanshan Forest Farm
The development process of Yuanshan Forest Farm is not smooth. Since the 1990s, with the reform of state-owned forest farms and the implementation of the national policy of prohibiting logging, Yuanshan people have embarked on the road of exploration and transformation. The pain of transformation has made every farmer unforgettable: more than ten projects such as dairy farms and timber mills have lost all their money, and the forest farm has a debt of up to 40 million yuan, which has plunged into the desperate situation of depending on loans to survive.
At the end of 1996, Sun Jianbo was appointed Director of Yuanshan Forest Farm. "Workers who can't get wages can't even pay for water and electricity. 126 creditors from all over the country come to collect debts in turn. My anxiety is more painful than when I am physically disabled." Sun Jianbo, who was disabled by illness in his childhood, was under great pressure even to walk on crutches. Sun Jianbo and dozens of Forest Farm cadres held a week's meeting, which led a group of active and daring employees to take leadership positions; all loss-making enterprises were closed down; a group of new sideline projects with market potential were launched; responsibility for forest cultivation and forest protection came to people, and forest trees survived. Rate, fire prevention efficiency and income bonus are linked.
In the past 20 years, Yuanshan Forest Farm has set up the first tourism project in the state-owned forest farms in China, with an annual income of only over 50 million yuan; built the first memorial hall for hard work and Entrepreneurship of forest farms in China, which receives more than 50,000 visitors every year free of charge; promised the first forest farm in China that the wages of workers will increase year by year, achieving an average annual growth rate of 21%; built the first motorized and modernized specialty in Shandong Province. Industry fire prevention team and forest fire microwave video surveillance center took the lead in installing radar fire detection system in the whole country, which made the original mountain forest area achieve full coverage of monitoring, and the forest farm had no fire accident for 20 years. The first state-owned forest farm implemented "separation of enterprises, one system, two systems", and took the lead in the scientific development of ecological protection, benefit creation and brand creation.
"Forest ecology is a treasure house, as long as the forest is well managed, developed and utilized, it will continue to fission into a huge ecological industry." When Sun Jianbo was on the spot, he set a rule against logging. In the past, logging in forest farms was sold to coal mines, with a profit of only a few yuan per tree. Now, they move trees into nurseries and plant them, then sell them to city greening companies, each of which can sell for hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Sun Jianbo also led the forest farm to green more than 5,000 mu of barren hills around the original mountain, and integrate the ecological tourism resources around the original mountain, as well as the forest farm and barren hills, to create a million mu ecological forest circle.
Reform and innovation have brought about tremendous changes in Yuanshan Forest Farm. The Forest Farm has not only paid off all the old historical accounts, but also taken over four difficult units and one enterprise. From a heavily indebted "feeding forest farm" to a "national ten-best state-owned forest farm" with ecological forestry, ecotourism, real estate and cultural industries, it has fixed assets of 1 billion yuan and annual income. Over 100 million yuan.

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