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发布时间:2018-12-20 17:36
Earlier last year, Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of Drop Travel, tried not to accept investments from Sun Zhengyi, according to sources. Cheng Wei told Sun that he didn't need cash because drips had already reached $10 billion. That's OK, Sun said, so he may invest directly in a competitor. Cheng Wei's attitude softened and he accepted the investment. Five billion dollars is the largest amount of financing ever made by technology start-ups.
In November, Sun Zhengyi again adopted a similar strategy. He publicly warned Uber that if he could not reach the deal he wanted, he would support his competitors instead. Last week, Uber announced $9 billion in financing and accepted funds from Softbank.
过去一年,孙正义成为了科技行业不可阻挡的力量。他的软银愿景基金规模达到1000亿美元,吸引了许多知名出资者,包括沙特王储和苹果的蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)。随后,孙正义投资了一系列令人眼花缭乱的公司,涉及共享出行、芯片制造、共享办公空间、卫星制造、机器人制造,甚至室内蔬菜种植。
In the past year, Sun Zhengyi has become an irresistible force in the technology industry. His Softbank Vision Fund, with a size of $100 billion, has attracted many well-known investors, including the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Tim Cook of Apple. Subsequently, Sun invested in a series of dazzling companies, including shared travel, chip manufacturing, shared office space, satellite manufacturing, robot manufacturing, and even indoor vegetable planting.
Over the past few years, Sun's maverick trading behavior has troubled admirers and critics, and the recent investment boom is no exception. Sources said that in one deal after another, Sun Zhengyi asked for face-to-face communication with entrepreneurs, encouraging them to accept more money than they needed, and waving cheque books as weapons. In the process, his growing influence makes rivals feel uneasy, but also changes the game of venture capital, good or bad.
芝加哥大学布斯商学院教授史蒂芬·卡普兰(Steven Kaplan)表示:“这种情况确实没有先例。是否能起到效果目前还说不准。”卡普兰是布斯商学院创业项目的联合发起人之一。
Steven Kaplan, a professor at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, said: "There is really no precedent for this. Whether it will work is still uncertain. Kaplan is one of the co-sponsors of Business School's entrepreneurship program.
It is difficult to classify Sun's investment strategies. He describes himself as a faithful follower of the information revolution, a supporter of the Singularity, that is, computers will someday integrate with the human brain and body. However, there are also many people questioning Sun Zhengyi. They want to know how taxi platforms can be combined with money management, or how satellites and indoor agriculture are related.
Sun Zhengyi, 60, founded Softbank in 1981. Since then, he has completed hundreds of investments and briefly became the richest man in the world during the ".Com bubble". However, most of his investments were unsuccessful. Sun's fame in investment came almost entirely from a deal: his investment in Alibaba. In 2000, Alibaba started with $20 million.
Softbank currently holds about 14.5 trillion yen ($129 billion) in Alibaba shares. It's also one of the most profitable venture capital deals ever. However, many people think it's just a fluke. Sun Zhengyi succeeded once by chance. Can he do it again?
Sun Zhengyi refused to respond to this article. A spokeswoman for Softbank said Sun's success story goes far beyond Alibaba, but also includes investments in Sprint, Yahoo and Supercell, a mobile developer.
"One billion dollars per minute"
最新的交易潮开始于2016年9月。当时,沙特副王储默罕默德·本·萨勒曼(Mohanmmed bin Salman)飞往东京。沙特正在尝试通过多种方式摆脱对石油的依赖。他与孙正义会面,提出成立有史以来规模最大的投资基金,投资科技创业公司。在不到1小时内,本·萨勒曼就同意成为基金的基础投资者。“45分钟,450亿美元。”孙正义在9月份的“大卫·鲁宾斯坦秀”节目中表示,“相当于每分钟10亿美元。”
The latest trading boom began in September 2016. At that time, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohanmmed bin Salman flew to Tokyo. Saudi Arabia is trying to get rid of its dependence on oil in many ways. He met with Sun Zhengyi and proposed to set up the largest investment fund ever to invest in technology start-up companies. Within less than an hour, Ben Salman agreed to become a fundamental investor in the fund. "45 minutes, 45 billion dollars." "It's equivalent to $1 billion per minute," Sun said on the September David Rubinstein Show.
Sun Zhengyi began to actively promote the transaction without waiting for the funds to arrive. According to Preqin, a market research firm, he completed about 100 investments last year, totaling $36 billion. In terms of trading volume, this is more than the sum of Silicon Valley's two giants, Sequoia and Silver Lake.
More surprisingly, Softbank's investment was almost Sun's personal performance, although the company also recruited bankers from Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The staff advised Sun Zhengyi and Sun Zhengyi made the final decision. In addition, Sun Zhengyi himself has a lot of ideas. Obviously, he is the only key figure in the Softbank Vision Fund. This is different from other investment funds, which usually have many influential people. (If the "key person" leaves, the limited partners of the fund may choose to withdraw their capital. )
One CEO who agreed to sell shares to Softbank Vision Fund said: "100% is Sun Zhengyi. Or at least 99.9%.
If the transaction structure is complex, Sun will bring his own team of bankers. That's the case with Uber. In this transaction, Softbank acquired most of its shares through tender offer, which involved sensitive legal issues, due to the fierce dispute of the board of directors and the participation of many investors.
A spokesman for Softbank said the investment decisions were "made by the company after due diligence and related processes".

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