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环保检查趋严 家居行业需重新审视“规则”

发布时间:2018-11-08 16:03
Beginning at the end of 2016, the "strongest environmental storm" began along the Southeast coast. The army divided into two routes, one way to North China and one way to Southwest China. It is undeniable that most of the household and furniture factories closed during this inspection have no emission permit, and no waste water and exhaust gas treatment facilities are provided. The direct discharge of pollutants has a bad impact on the environment.
Some media have gone deep into the interior of a furniture manufacturer, and the pungent smell made the reporters unable to open their eyes. According to the measurement, the harmful gas exceeded the standard by more than 1000 times! It is hard to imagine how much damage the health of the workers in the workshop would suffer when they worked in such an environment every day, and the unprocessed gas emitted would be even heavier. The PM2.5 pollution of the air.
In addition, it is undeniable that due to the one-size-fits-all law enforcement process, some enterprises originally produced legally were injured in this round of renovation. It is understood that a large number of factories in Dongguan have closed down and moved to less developed countries and regions such as Vietnam. Some home-making factories all over the country are also struggling to survive. The requirements of home-making enterprises in first-tier cities such as Beisheng and Guangzhou are getting stricter and stricter. Many enterprises choose to move out.
Behind the stringent environmental inspection
Compared with the "routine" of previous inspections, this round of environmental inspections seems merciless: random inspections at any time, disguised into factories, and even dispatched geek equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles. Once the inspection is not in conformity with the regulations, the lighter is to send a letter requesting shutdown and rectification, and the heavier is to cut off water and power directly until the rectification is qualified. With the unprecedented environmental storm coming, what can household enterprises do besides shutting down production lines, and what does the Ministry of Environmental Protection want to do through the EIA besides removing the haze covering the whole country?
Cut excessive industrial capacity
No doubt, this is the most intuitive presentation after the shutdown. According to the reporter's investigation, only in Chengdu area, there are no less than 1000 factories that have stopped production because of EIA, including many furniture factories. Liu Qi, chairman of Dean house, estimates that the shutdown of these plants will affect at least 30% of capacity. As a representative of the traditional manufacturing industry, the home industry has been plagued by extensive and inefficient growth. Most enterprises seize the market in a small area, neglect the high-profit and high-value production links such as design, service and brand, consume a lot of resources in low-level repeated construction and homogeneous competition, and fall into one after another. Price war quagmire.
In recent years, although some enterprises gradually enhance their competitiveness by upgrading equipment and optimizing process after the accumulation of original capital, too many workshop enterprises still affect the progress of the whole industry. At the end of December 2015, the Central Economic Working Conference pointed out that the first task of economic structural reform in 2016 was to reduce production capacity. In the whole year of 2016, documents and measures to eliminate backward production capacity emerge in endlessly. A harsh environmental protection can at least marginalize those who duplicate construction and use low quality and low price to gain excess capacity in the market until it disappears.
Torsional thinking
It is just the beginning to upgrade production equipment if we want to achieve the EIA. The chain of production is interlinked. In this review, the focus of the object, paint spraying, for example, to truly achieve "oil to water", enterprises will increase their spending on the purchase of paint materials by more than 30%, if the use of imported water-based paint overseas, the cost will be further increased, to double the paint. This is only the cost of raw material purchase. In order to ensure the soil-like effect of water-based paint, the existing paint spraying, plant constant temperature and humidity, semi-finished product drying and a series of equipment need to be adjusted accordingly, and the production process should be changed accordingly.
Of course, all changes are based on one condition, the thinking of the business owner. Are you willing to give up part or even most of the profits and innovate the traditional production, process and enterprise management system to match the height of modern enterprises?
The rise and fall of an industry depends largely on the positive attitude of entrepreneurs in the industry. Just as the prosperity of the furniture industry originated from the courage of the first generation of furniture people to break the tradition and innovate actively, whether the furniture industry has the courage to abandon the immediate benefits, reverse the thinking of extensive growth and win the future through technological reform in the process of economic restructuring has swept the whole country this time. Storm protection is a draught.
Rule reset
Compared with other industries, the "family spirit" of the home circle is particularly strong. This has nothing to do with the roots of the founders and the bottom line. The atmosphere of rivers and lakes gives the industry a warm feeling of human nature for its operation and competition. From another angle, this is also the root of immaturity of the industry. The rules of the game are different from those of the modern society.
Based on the savage growth of reform dividend, the thinking of non-routine licensing is derived, and the means against business logic are not uncommon, which makes the industry with its own low attention attribute lose the trust of the market. This kind of mistrust has been exacerbated by the competition between brands that are mixed up on the same platform.
Environmental monitoring from the central government, let the industry re-examine the importance of "rules". Compliance is not a derogatory term at the critical moment when the industry is facing transformation. If we can get out of the mire of the melee, clean up the industry with the help of external forces and return to the normal business logic, the pain caused by the irregularities leading to the shutdown and rectification is not meaningless.

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